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What do we do?

Having a finance department running smoothly and efficiently is pivotal to the growth and success of most, if not all businesses. While large organisations will operate  both a Finance Director and a Finance Controller, for smaller organisations employing such roles is not feasible.

What is more suitable is to get external support - having one individual who is able to wear the Finance Director or Financial Controller hat. What we label a Finance Executive (FE) who is able accommodate any role.

This is even more suitable when you consider that the current scale of operations and size of the typical SME, does not warrant a full-time financial director position. A part-time FE is the ideal solution. This is where we can help.


We can look after all the finance aspects of your business and let you focus on what you do best i.e. grow your business. Our services, revolve around the following:

• Overseeing accounting and management reporting

• Overseeing staff in the Accounting/Finance department

• Financial planning & budgeting

• Cashflow management

• Review internal processes and set up controls

• Dealing with external accountants and auditors

• Review financial performance

• Looking for means to improve operational and reporting efficiency



Why us?

We are not just another business consultancy service provider. What sets us apart from the crowd is our ability to properly listen to our clients, quickly identify core and general issues and provide them with the necessary solutions in the best interests of their business. We are passionate about what we do and this transpires in the quality of the service we provide.